Starter/Generator 12V Rebuilt, (EXCHANGE) G and GA... Inquire for pricing
Starter/Generator Brushes Model D...Inquire for pricing
Starter/Generator Brushes Model G (price per set) view $35.00
Starter/Generator Brushes Model GA (price per set) view $40.00
Starter Chain Adjusting Ring Lock for G and GA view $6.50
Starter/Generator to Block Gasket view $5.00
Starter/Generator Bearing - rear view $46.25
Starter/Generator Bearing - front (sealed) view $37.50
Starter/Generator gear for G and GA view $110.00
  Lock Washer for G and GA gear view $3.50
Starter/Generator Chain 84 Link, Early 1915 view $214.00
Starter/Generator Chain 82 Link, 12 volt view $214.00
Starter Box -- (EXCHANGE) Four different boxes used 1918-1926.
      Rebuilt with Electronic Cut Out view $95.00
Ground Strap (starter switch box to ground) [ need year of car] view $7.00
Starter, 6V, North East (EXCHANGE ONLY)...Inquire for pricing
    Starter Brushes Model SBH (price per set) view $30.00
    Starter Model SBH Bendix Bolts with Washers (price per set) view $4.50
    Starter End Plate view $235.00
    Starter Brush Holder (price each) view $75.00
    Center Bearing Plate view $75.00
Starter Nose Cone Bushing 1/2in.ID x 9/16in.OD view $7.00
Starter Nose Cone Bushing 1/2in.ID x 5/8in.OD view $5.00
    Starter Switch North East SBH 6 cyl. for dash pull view $338.00
Generator, 6V, North East: (EXCHANGE)
  Generator Brushes Model LB (price per set) view $35.00
  Generator, 6V,Cut Out -(after market replacement) view $35.00
  Generator End Plate view $275.00
  Generator Driving Yoke, 4cyl. 6volt B & C Engines [2 per car] (price each) view $27.00
  Bearing Retainer view $100.00
Drive Coupling Spring, Standard 6, Victory 6, Fast 4 (price per set of 5) view $40.00
Brush Holder Springs:
      Model G(each) view $15.00
      Models GA, GAC, LR, LL(each) view $8.50
North East Electric Identification Plate for 4 cyl. (Starter, Distributor, Generator and Horn) #NE 1 view $9.00
North East Ident. Plate correct for 6 volt starters, generators and Model TU dist., maybe more. #NE 2 view $9.00

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