Gears (4 Cylinder)

Timing Gear, Fiber, Fits 1915-1926 view $320.00
Starter/Generator gear for G and GA view $110.00
Large Gear on Crankshaft for Starter/Gen. Chain view $250.00
Water Pump drive gear (fits on water pump shaft) view $163.00
Packing Nuts for W.P. gear[right or left hand thread] (price each) view $18.00
Steel Crank Timing gear (mates with cam gear) view $169.00
6 and 12 volt distributor gear (fits on dist. shaft) view $36.50
Oil Pump gear 4 cyl. view $53.00
Oil Pump Shaft Bushing 4 cyl. view $13.00
Crank Shaft Oil Pump Gear 4 cyl. 12 volt & Early 6 volt not Fast 4 view $119.00

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