Vacuum Tanks have some (EXCHANGE) 2 Sizes ...Inquire for pricing
Mechanical Gas Tank Gauge Assembly:
  Black/Brass Face - 4 cyl. Car #1 - #929,894 view $125.00
  Black/Silver face - 4 cyl. Car #929,895 - ? view $125.00
  White Face - Early Fast 4 view $125.00
  White Face - Late Fast 4 and Standard 6 view $125.00
Gas Gauge Cap -- Nickel Plated (For all DB 4 cyl. cars and Standard 6) view $27.00
Gas Gauge Face with fasteners (before 1924 model) view $25.00
Gas Gauge Face with fasteners (1924 thru end of round tank) view $25.00
Gas Gauge Face with Fasteners - White Face, Standard 6, Fast 4 (maybe late 1927) view $25.00
Gas Gauge Float (cork) view $3.00
Gas Gauge Float (black composite) view $6.00
Gas Gauge Gears, New, Brass (set of 2) view $35.00
Gas Gauge Pointer,(1-3/8in. or 1-1/8in. long) Plated view $7.00
In Tank Gas Gauge Gasket Set view $12.00
In Tank Gas Gauge Glass - 4 cyl., Standard 6 view $5.00
In Tank Gas Gauge Glass - Victory 6 view $5.00
Threaded Screw on Gas Cap, Used...Inquire for pricing
1/4 Turn Gas Cap, (replacement ) view $8.00
Gas Tank Straps (see Chassis, Body, and Related Parts)
Small Cover for Needle Valve on Stewart Carburetor float chamber, Nickel Plated
Stewart Carb. Base view $695.00
      Carb. With thick brass top, Early (female thread) view $11.50
      Carb. With thin stamped top, Late (male thread) view $11.50
Float Chamber Thin Top Screws (each) view $0.50
Stewart Carburetor Brass Float (New) view $48.00
Stewart Carburetor Brass Filter Screen view $5.00
Stewart Carburetor Gasket set 4cyl. & 6cyl. view $21.00
Stewart Carb. Adjusting Screw view $13.00
Stewart Carb. Needle Seat w/ rubber seal view $33.25
Stewart Carb. Throttle Shaft with Lever
Stewart Carb. Metering Pin Spring view $3.50
Stewart Carb. (have some rebuilt)...Inquire for pricing
Stewart Carb. Bell Crank Spring view $9.50
Choke Sheath and Cable (Repair parts for 4 cyl.) view $25.00
Stewart Vacuum Tank Top view $250.00
Stewart Vacuum Tank Shut-Off Valve view $28.00
Stewart Vacuum Tank Gaskets (2) view $14.50
Stewart Vacuum Tank Spring [takes 2] (price each) view $3.00
Stewart Vacuum Tank Cover Screws [stainless steel] (each) view $0.50
Gas Pedals, used (3 styles) view $8.00
Gas Pedal Return Spring (4 cyl. or 6cyl.) view $9.50
Primer Cup Needle (New) (Plated) view $10.50
Primer Cup (New) [Plated] view $29.00
Primer Cup with Needle (New) (Plated) view $37.00

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