Chassis, Body, and
Related Parts

Wheel Parts
Wheel Clamps-- 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Kelseys, Used ... Inquire for pricing
Wheel Clamp Stanweld & DB, Used... Inquire for pricing
Wheel Alignment Lugs-Male & Female (price per set) view $10.00
Wheel Clamp Bolts Used...Inquire for pricing
3rd Kelsey nuts view $3.50
Wheel Nuts for 19in. Wood Wheels (tapered shoulder) [price each] view $2.50
Standard 6, Victory 6 Wood wheel clamp Used view $3.00
Disc & Wire Wheel Nuts [Right & Left] Reproductions [Nickel Plated] (price each) view $16.50
Wire Wheel Hubcaps with 4-1/4in. openings - Senior & Victory 6 (price each) view $70.00
Wood Wheel Hub Cap 1920-1927 [price each] view $200.00
New manufactured rear wheel bearings for ''''22 - ''''27 and all Senior Sixes. Cup & Cone replaces Timken 422T/414 (price per wheel)) view $190.00
Other Wheel Bearings - Inquire for pricing
Many small parts for closed car windshields...Inquire for pricing
Windshield Parts for open car windshields
Windshield Pivot Bearings (4 per pivot) [ 1 pivot] view $3.00
Windshield Spring (price each) view $16.00
Windshield Pivot Stud Spacer (price each) view $1.00
Windshield Inner Post Washer (price each) view $4.50
Windshield Pivot Bearing Cap (price each) view $5.00
Windshield Tongue Washer (price each) view $5.00
Open car Windshield Post Acorn Nut (Nickel Plated)
      1917-1922 view $9.00
      1923-1927 view $8.00
Windshield End Cap (Rubber) view $8.00
Windshield Stanchion Cushions(per pair) view $56.00
Windshield Wiper Assembly - Hand Operated view $25.00
Windshield Wiper Motor 12 volt view $40.00
Windshield Wiper Motor 6 volt view $40.00
Vacuum Windshield Wiper Arm (stainless steel) view $14.00
Vacuum Windshield Wiper Arm view $4.00
Windshield Wiper Blade 8 1/4in. (Hook and Saddle Type) view $6.00
Windshield Wiper Blade 10in. (Hook and Saddle Type) view $4.50
Windshield Weather Stripping (rubber)
m rubber, used on closed cars with overlapping windshields (42in. long-one piece) view $10.00
h rubber, fits between split windshields, open cars(price per ft) view $2.25
T rubber, used on bottom of lower windshield 42in. long, 1-1/4in. tall view $8.50
T rubber, used on bottom of lower windshields 1915-1922, 1in. (price per ft) view $1.75
T rubber, used on ends or sides of windshields on both open & closed cars, 3/4in. (price per ft) view $3.45
Door Seals
Door Glass in.Whiskerin. Channel - 96in. long view $46.00
Door Glass Channel Seal 1928 (price each) view $13.50
Upper Door Sponge Seal 1928 (price each) view $5.50
Door Bumpers (some3 models) [price per each] view $8.00
Glass Setting Tape
  1/32in. thick (price per foot) view $0.42
  3/64in. thick (price per foot) view $0.42
  1/16in. thick (price per foot) view $0.65
  5/64in. thick (price per foot) view $0.84
Front Fender Bolts
      Late 1917-1923. One bolt per fender (each) view $8.50
      1924-1927 Two bolts per fender (each) view $8.50
          Fast 4 & Standard Six Three bolts per fender (each) view $8.50
          Washers for Fender Bolts (each) view $1.50
Top irons to body bolt (open cars):
  1920-1923 (long) New (each) view $13.00
  1924-1926 (short) New (each) view $13.00
Top Rest Stud ( each) view $30.00
Split Wedge for body bolt (above) - short view $19.00
Split Wedge for body bolt (above) - long view $28.00
Bracket to attach windshield stanchion to front top bow on open cars, New (each) view $35.00
Murphy Fastener [turn button] (price each) view $2.25
Murphy Fastener Eyelet with Washer (price each) view $1.25
Hood Parts
Hood Clamps (used)...Inquire for pricing
Hood Clamp Screws and Plate [New](each) view $7.00
Hood Corners, Leather, 4 with split rivets in pkg. view $10.00
Hood Hinge- Rear Open Top 1916-1920 view $30.00
Hood Hinge-Rear Closed Top 1920-1926 view $45.00
Hood Hinge- Front (Two hole style) 1923-28 view $49.50
Hood Pads, Leather, 1924-27, 4 in pkg. w/rivets view $11.25
Gear Oil for use in transmissions, differentials, & steering boxes (600W) (price per quart) view $18.00
Gear Oil for use in transmissions, Differentials & steering boxes (1500W) [per per quart] view $15.00
Alemite Grease Gun Adapter view $42.50
Alemite pin grease fitting view $5.25
Alemite dust cover view $7.00
Grease Cup (reproduction) view $10.00
Grease Cap with modern zert (price each) view $21.00
Linoleum Kit (burlap backed)
    (Kit includes material for Front Floorboards and both Running boards.) [ Do to size and weight shipping will be more than 10%]
    Brown - 1915 through 1923 view $190.00
    Gray - 1915 through 1923 view $190.00
    Gray - 1924 through 1926 view $200.00
Linoleum for Runningboards only [price per set] view $112.00
Running Board Shields 1921-1923 (unpainted) (price per pair) [need car serial number] view $140.00
4 Cyl. Battery Box Cover view $27.00
Screenside Replacement Stake Pockets (price per pair) view $126.00
Serial Number Name Plate (See Handles & Interior Parts) view $16.50
Door Check Straps (closed cars) Standard 6, Victory 6, Senior 6 and DA Six (each) view $15.00
Tie Rod Bolts--1915-1919, (grease cup type) view $36.50
Tie Rod Bolts--1919-1926, (grease fitting type) view $67.00
Tie Rod Bolt Bushings view $8.00
Rear License Plate/ tail light bracket (See Electrical)
Front License Plate Bracket, 4 cyl., New view $10.50
Headlamp Tie Rod for early 4 cyl. view $29.00
Universal Joint Parts (see Clutch/Transmission)
Gas Tank Support Straps for 1924 -1927 Passenger cars(price per pair) view $45.00
Spring Clip (U-bolt) Nut 1/2in. fine thread [tall] (each) view $0.60
Spring Clip (U-bolt) Nut 9/16in. fine thread [tall] (each) view $0.60
Spring Clip Lock Washer 9/16in. (each) view $0.40
Cowl Vent Spring-Left 4 cyl view $12.00
Cowl Vent Spring-Right 4 cyl view $12.00
Cowl Vent Spring - DA Six (price each) view $40.00
Felt Wheel Seals (each) View Chart view $5.75
    Spring Bolts with an E (price each) view $49.00
    Spring Bolts (price each) view $40.00
    Spring Bolt Bushings (price each) view $10.00
Front Spring Shackel Bolt Lock Plate 1924 - ? (price each) view $3.00
Rear Spring Front Bolt Lock Plate (price each) view $3.00
Double Ended Shackle Bolt Lock Plate (price each) view $5.50
Leaf Spring Center Bolt 3/8in. or 5/16in. (price each) view $3.50
Short 1918 - 1924 [price each] view $85.00
Short Locking 1918 -1924 [price each] view $85.00
Long 1925 - 1929 DA Six [price each] view $95.00
Long Locking 1925 - 1929 Victory 6 [price each] view $95.00
Long Threaded 1929 DA Six [price each] view $85.00
Rear 1928 Victory 6 - 1929 DA Six [price each] view $105.00
Rear Locking Victory 6 view $105.00
Rear Threaded DA Six view $90.00
    #157 covers 1914-1918, pin size 0.625in.. Threaded for grease cups. view $265.00
    #161 covers 1919-1921, pin size 0.750in.. Drill for 1/8in. npt grease fitting view $265.00
    #016 covers 1922-1924 Thru car A204877, pin size 0.750in.. NO grease fitting view $265.00
    #194 covers Late 1924 -1928, pin size 0.875in.. NO grease fitting. view $265.00
#124 covers Model 124, pin size 0.875in., No grease fitting view $265.00
Above sets include 2 pins, 4 bushings, 2 cotter pins, 2 nuts.
Bushings for King Pins can be bought separately (price each)
    #210 covers 1928 -1930 Model 128, 130, 140 and DA. Includes 2 pins, 4 bushings, 2 thrust bearings, 2 dust covers & spacers view $252.00
Steering Knuckle Bolt Key (#210 King Pin Key -2 per car) [price each] view $13.75

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